Who We Are


Tirupati Impexo is one of the foremost entities of growth in the Tirupati Impexo conglomerate with operations spanning across Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan.

In a brief span, the Tirupati Impexo has earned its spot in the global cotton trade with its remarkable presence in cotton seeds, lint cotton bales, cotton seed oil, and cotton seed oil cakes. The company was established in June 2021 and is led by the visionary cotton leader Mr. Malay Thaakkar, Director. He bring over two decades of seasoned leadership and operating expertise in the cotton industry.


To evolve as a global leader across the farm to fibre value chain with value-delivering operations in farming, ginning, spinning, and dyeing by becoming a platform of boundless growth, partnerships, and excellence for our people based on our principles of high quality, fair trade, and persistence.


To become the preferred cotton seeds, lint cotton bales, cottonseed oil, and cottonseed oil cake supplier, exporter, and manufacturer for consumers in the Asia Pacific.


Quality Above Everything Else: We shall uphold our promise of high quality, our eye, and our attention to detail for the decades to come and across every business, we grow.

Work Ownership: We lead by example and give each employee absolute ownership of work and let them act as partners.

Dreaming, Persistence, and Focus: We dream big and deliver on it with unwavering focus and grit.



Experience, Expertise, and

sustainable practices
is one of our core

We bring the best of both the worlds – ambitions of a young growth company and the disciplined focus of a seasoned conglomerate. The company's DNA encompasses over two decades of expertise in the cotton procuring, sourcing, and trading business that grew into a manufacturing conglomerate setting examples of quality across the board. Today, with ambitions to dominate the global strata of the cotton trade, Tirupati Impexo's high-quality standards, expertise down to the seed level, and global trade experience are culminating into a partnership culture that has created one of the most revered cotton trading & manufacturing platforms in the industry. With the world demanding more from each business, we are riding a momentous trajectory of growth led by vision and backed by capabilities.



Tirupati Impexo was born under the leadership and exemplar vision of Mr. Malay Thaakkar, a veteran entrepreneur in the global cotton ecosystem. Mr. Thaakkar started his career as a young professional at one of Gujarat's most prominent raw cotton stations. While excelling at his then role, he understood the complex dynamics of the industry in great detail just as it reached a cusp of disruption. On seeing the right market opportunity, Mr. Thaakkar leveraged his entrepreneurial instincts. As he learned the ropes of the industry, he explored and thoroughly dissected the industry, later evolving into a substantial Cotton Seed Agent.

In 2011, he entered and transformed the cotton bales in the industry with their extensive industry knowledge and expertise. Tirupati Impexo's esteemed Director Mr. Malay Thaakkar led the market with his focus, persistence, and drive to deliver great quality at great prices while developing deep relationships across the national markets. He stunned the ecosystem with his innovative, customer-centric, and quality-focused practices, making him the preferred handler for over 30% to 50% of raw cotton seed demand among manufacturing units across India. Since then, the conglomerate has forayed into a revered manufacturing operation that now dominates the global markets.



We represent the highest quality standards as set by industry bodies and market collectives to deliver value with every offering on our platform.

Federation of Indian Export Organisations

Set up under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, the Government of India, FIEO is considered the apex trade promotion body. Since 1965, it has been assisting visionaries across the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem to realize global ambitions. As an FIEO-registered and compliant company, we take immense pride in representing Indian trade practices and the vision to establish our market towards international prominence.

Better Cotton

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has established rigorous criteria on how to utilize water & land resources, conserve biodiversity, nurture soil health, maintaining fibre quality and promoting fair trade practices across the supply chain. The result is a more sustainable and eco-friendly cotton supply chain, making BCI the golden emblem of sustainable agricultural practices. Today, some of the biggest names in textiles like H&M, Gap, and Levi Strauss are a part of the BCI program. As proud members of the initiative, we continually promote water-efficient and sustainable agricultural practices as a company with sustainable business processes embedded in our foundation.

Global Organic
Textile Standard

The Global Organic Textile Standard is considered the foremost authority on defining, assessing, and certifying the supply chain members in the organic fibres space. Its certified members adhere to strict set of guidelines with frequent assessments and tend to have fibre products, yarns, fabrics, clothes, home textiles, mattresses, and even personal hygiene products in their offerings. As one of the GOTS-certified members, we take immense pride in our high standards of quality and sustainability across our entire portfolio of offerings.